1). WHAT WE DO: We tell you whether each item we inspect properly performs the function initially intended, or if it is in need of repair. We perform our inspection in a good and workmanlike manner.

If we report an item is not perfoming its intended function, is deficient or needs repair, or shows signs of prior damage, we urge you to have that item examined by a specialist before purchasing the property. If you have a question, please bring it to our attention do that we may explain what we observed about the item.​

Inspection Rules

The inspection of the property must be performed in compliance with the rules of the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

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 If you have any complaint about our inspection, YOU MUST notify us in writing within seven days after you discover any problem, and let us reinspect before changing the condition, except in emergencies, of course.

 If we report that any item is in need of repair, is not performing its intended function or shows past damage and you intend to purchase the property anyway, YOU FIRST SHOULD have the item examined by a specialist.

You acknowledge that we hereby notify you that there is a Real Estate Recovery Fund available, established under section 23 of the Texas Real Estate License Act for reimbursement or certain aggreived persons.  The Texas Real Estate Commission's mailing adress and telephone number is 1101 Camino Lacoste, Austin tx 78752, (512) 465-39