- $350.00 ; Over 3500 sq ft - Call ... (total sq ftg of home includes garage).  Please add $75.00 for small pier & beams (Please call for larger pier & beams over 2000 sq ft).  

I've been fulltime inspecting 15 yrs and enjoy staying busy (rather than charging more and not busy). An inspection generally takes 2-3 hrs -(depending on the size of the home) and the buyer is always welcome to be present.

After the inspection the buyer knows the true condition of the house they're buying - checking foundation for movement, roof condition, pulling the electrical panel & checking outlets, switches & fans,  checking the heat & air , the plumbing fixtures & drains, opening  the windows & doors, and checking the attic structure, insulation and ventiation &  roof condition -  an opportunity to look before you buy. 

Please see the About Us Page for my complete Lumber /Building/ Construction background.

You will receive 12 (+) page inspection report (usually emailed same day) with detailed photos covering the home; systematically checked from top to bottom, inside and out, and under (for pier & beams).  Foundation, grading, plumbing, electrical, doors and windows, shower pans, attic insulation and ventilation, roof structure, fire places and chimneys, roof covering, HVAC & ducts, water heaters and appliances are all inspected.

X-tra value : Lawn Sprinklers included free. 

WDI -termite inspections (separate from TREC inspection) available thru a licensed pest company - please schedule w/ home inspection.
Septic Systems & Wells, & Coliform Water testing available (at separate pricing).
Buyers are welcomed to be present during the inspection.

Buying a home without a thorough home inspection can be making a mistake.  Buying a home is filled with enough stress & anxiety ... and sometimes dissappointment after moving in.  

Outwest Home Inspections provides a thorough and complete inspection of the entire home and it's all it's STRUCTURAL, MECHANICAL , ELECTRICAL,  PLUMBING, HEAT & A/C, WINDOWS & DOORS &  ROOFING systems w /detailed TREC report w/ observations explaining any concerns with captioned photos included. 

The Nice Price - paying more doesn't mean a better inspection. A smaller home take less time than a larger home. Outwest Inspections belives in fair pricing.  Under 1500 sq ft-  $250.00 ....Under 2000 sq ft - $285.00 ; Under 2500 sqft - $300.00 ; Under 3000 sq ft $325.00 ; Under 3500 sq ft 

For the Best ... Call Outwest

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